About CalRocs | 2011

CalROCS is a grassroots rock crawling series that originated in Northern California's intense natural rock formations and is fast becoming, the leading rock crawling sports sanctioning body in the Western United States. In 2007, Kurtis Harryman with the help of family, friends, and many loyal volunteers resurrected CalROCS, formerly owned by the Klien's of WE ROCK, in a stand alone event that became an instant success that has carried on into what is now it's fifth year.

The CalROCS series attracts between 35 to 40 Competitors an event with drivers and spotters coming all the way from Canada, Utah, Washington, Oregan, Nevada, Arizona and of course the locals with some of the wildest, coolest and perhaps weirdest looking vehicles you have ever seen, from fairly stock looking jeeps to incredible "Moon Buggies". There is non-stop action for the two-day events with each competitor running four courses. CalROCS courses challenge the ability of the vehicle and the driver to ascend and descend sometimes near impossible obstacles. This brings on the carnage, rollovers and incredible displays of driving talent. CalROCS has a history of producing sophisticated courses for the pros, yet still keeping it competitive for the amateur to try their skills and participate. All the while, CalROCS is also designed to keep the costs down so virtually anyone can participate in this series and have so much fun doing it.

As a special bonus for our spectators, CalROCS events will also include Radio Controlled Rock Crawling Competitions hosted by Get A Hobby, of Nevada City, CA. CalROCS is excited to see what Get A Hobby will bring to our competition. Their regulars boast about the creative course designs in their shop that include manzanita bridges and statues of odd objects that seem to be in a different place every week.

CalROCS announces the 2011 schedule consisting for the first time of a five event series with two-day competitions for five classes. The April event will be at BrownsValley, CA the home of the original CalROCS Resurrection. The May Event will be held at Surplus City's man-made course, infamous for it's "Terminator's" 30 ft. drop. June's Round 3 event will be held at Donner Ski Ranch in the Sierra Nevada Mountain of California supplying some of the most awesome courses the rock crawling world has ever seen, and is known as the crown jewel of rock crawling in the Northwest with its natural beauty and great atmosphere. July at Reno, Nevada's Giant's Throne bragged as the best traction in the world allowing almost vertical climbs will play host to Round 4. Then, back to Oroville for the Finals followed by a Award's Dinner and Ceremony at the prestigious Feather Falls Casino.

CalROCS as described by a spectator and rock crawling enthusiast:

"As with all the CalROCS events, the courses are laid out with the spectator in mind as well as the competitors. At [the event], you could essentially watch all the courses from one center location. You had to keep your head on a swivel in order to soak everything

in, as you were surrounded by the action that was going on several courses at once….

Watching rock crawling is akin to watching NASCAR, yeah it's neat to see a car wreck, but it is just as exciting to watch a driver have a flawless race, if you know what to watch for."
- Kurt Schnieder

Kurtis Harryman sends a huge thank you to the entire CalROCS Family including the spectators, competitors, volunteers and sponsors. "Not only do I love doing this with you, but I couldn't do it without you!"